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Introduction to Chi Tester

_MG_5944Chi Tester is a web-based system for administering academic tests. All aspects of giving an exam or other assessment instrument are computer and web-based. A web server stores tests and allows properly identified students to take tests at prescribed times and places. The server scores the subsequent answers and offers results to instructors and students.

Instructors and other exam managers write their tests with their usual word processor then use a web browser to submit, proofread, and manage tests. Students read the test and submit answers through a web browser.


Chi Tester is developed and maintained at Weber State University. It is a derivative product of WebTester, originally developed by Craig Gundy, Professor of Health Science, Jeff Willden, computer software and multimedia developer and Eric Jacobson, Director of Academic Computing, under a grant from the Utah Higher Education Technology Initiative in the Summer of 1996.  Subsequent versions are owned by Chi Squared Software, Inc. and are available commercially.

Overview of Application Interface

Once you have logged into Chi Tester with your Wildcat user name and password, you will see a main landing page with several tabs across the top. The tabs that will be available to you depend on your user classification – student, faculty, staff, testing center administrator, etc.

A new faculty member might have a screen that looks something like this:

New Instructor Landing PageThe default tab for a faculty member is the “Manage Exams” tab. You can click the “Create new exam” button to get started creating your first exam.  Once you have created exams, they will show up as a list in the white box you see on the left side of the screen. When you click on an exam name, more buttons will become active allowing you to manage, duplicate, transfer, or delete your exam.  Deleting archives your exam and stores it out of view.  Exams and results are never erased and can be retrieved at a later date if desired.






If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us for assistance.



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