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Setting under Manage Exams – alerts are messages sent via email; they can be notifications to instructors that a student has finished an exam, or be reminders to students of an exam opening or closing.

Appointments tab Appointments

A reservation to take an exam at a testing center – made by the students and used by testing personnel to streamline the check-in process.


The students that will be taking an exam – usually targeted by course section, but individual students can be associated to an exam.

Chi Tester

Pronounced “ky” rhymes with “sky” is the name given to the assessment software – developed at Weber State University and owned by Chi Squared Software, Inc. Sometimes referred to as “Chi”.


A setting that authorizes testing center personnel or other administrators to make changes to exam parameters – used to correct minor issues, such as incorrect dates.

Course Evaluation

Special exam type designed for departmental assessment of classes and/or instructors – results are limited to department chairs or other specified administrators.

Courses Tab  Courses

Class sections taught or associated with an instructor- information is retrieved from student information system, such as Banner by Ellucian.

Delete selected exam

Setting which removes an exam from visibility and archives the exam – deleted exams can be recovered with “Restore selected exam” under the “Deleted exams” tab.

Distance Learning Student

One who lives outside commuting range of the university campus – generally more than 50 miles away.

Distance Tests Tab  Distance Tests

Exams given by proctors at remote sites for distance learning students.

Download test

An exam designed to be printed out at the testing center or by the remote proctor and administered in paper format to the student – used primarily for mathematics-related examinations.

Evals Tab  Evals

Short for evaluations –  Student view:  this tab allows the user to see the results of past semester course evaluations that faculty  have chosen to share; Faculty view:  this tab allows the instructor to see his or her evaluations and to choose with whom to share the results of evaluations.


Messages from the instructor to students delivered at the end of a test – can be set to deliver automatically based on the test score or can be entered individually.

Grades Tab  Grades

This tab allows access for instructors to their gradebook – grades can be organized in the Chi Tester gradebook, or sent to a learning management system (LMS) such as Canvas by using the Export results command under Manage Exams.

HTML tag

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a syntax used to generate web pages and it uses “tags”, such as </p> to format documents – if these tags are not formatted properly, test questions will not display properly.

Manage Exams Tab  Manage Exams

This tab allows access to all test parameters – all basic Exam parameters and settings are under this heading including Proofread and edit, Manage results, and Reports.

My Grades Tab  My Grades

This tab allows access for students to view the results of exams they have taken.

Online test

A “test type” that indicates an exam to be be delivered entirely through the Chi Tester interface – other test types include Scan Tron, Paper, Download, Survey, and Course Evaluation.

Paper test

A “test type” that indicates an exam to be delivered entirely on paper – in this case, Chi Tester is used only for tracking and administrative purposes, not for test administration.

Portfolios tab  Portfolios

This feature has been retired.


A certified individual who monitors a distance learning student’s test at a remote location to ensure a secure testing environment.

Proctoring Tab  Proctoring

definition here


The ability of a student to see test questions after a test is complete and scored – settings for review can be controlled under the Manage Exams tab; Review can be configured for immediately following the exam, at a later date, for the all questions or only questions missed.

Scantron Test

An exam using an optical scan or “bubble” sheet for students to fill in circles by hand – bubble sheets can be scanned and the results integrated into Chi Tester using the Paper Chi interface.

Score Reduction By Date

Test parameter under Manage Exams – Test Information, that allows an exam to be open past the close date but automatically deducts points for late test takers.


Tab under Manage exams that houses settings for which students are allowed to take a test –  includes are to set test password, set how many test attempts are allowed per student, and whether students responding are to be kept confidential.

Security exceptions

Setting under Manage Exams – Manage Results that allows instructors to set separate parameters for individual students – allows instructors to specify a different testing location, date range, time allowed, and test attempts allowed.

Selective release

Setting under Manage Exams – Manage Results that allows instructors to set another exam as a prerequisite.


Setting under Manage Exams – Exam parameters and settings that allows a test to be shared with another instructor or administrator – sharing can be limited to Exam Parameters and Settings, Manage Results, Questions, and/or Reports.  A date can be set for these permissions to expire.

Sites Tab  Sites

Setting under Manage Exams – allows an instructor to select where a student is allowed to take an exam.  Sites may be secure testing centers, remote proctors, departmental labs, or may be set to “Everywhere Else” indicating permission for students to take the test at home or any other place they chose.

Standards Tab  Standards

This tab allows instructors access to learning standards – standards are usually created at the department level, but can also be created and managed at the instructor level.

Standards Document

Page under Standards tab which allows control over the settings associated with learning standards.


A multiple choice question type that does not designate a correct answer.


A set of rules regarding the arrangement of words for a specific purpose – in Chi Tester, test questions uploaded or inserted into the Text Box must follow a specific order for Chi Tester to accept them.


Personal identification labels placed by instructors – created within an individual account, these labels are only visible to the person who created it and are used for personal management of exams.  Lists of exams can be searched by tag.

Test Aids

Setting under Manage Exams – allows an instructor to select  items allowed for use during an exam, such as scratch paper, calculators, dictionaries, restroom breaks, and if desired specify an external web site to be allowed for viewing during an exam.

Test Type

Classification given to all exams in Chi Tester – exams may be Online, which are fully delivered via the web, may be ScanTron, which are exams which use bubble sheets for student responses and then responses are uploaded to Chit Tester, may be Paper tests, which are merely tracked in Chi Tester, Download, which are tests that can be printed off as paper tests, or Evals which represent departmental instructor or course evaluations.

Testing Tab  Testing

This tab allows students to take exams – the exams that have been targeted at the student will display in the box.

Transfer selected exam

Setting under Manage Exams – allows an exam to be transferred to another instructor.  All permissions for the exam will be transferred and the original owner will no longer have access to any settings.

Users Tab  Users

This tab is for administrators only –  allows access to student account information.


An external tool used for checking HTML  – used to verify that files being uploaded to Chi will display as intended.



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