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Proctor Guide

Information for Proctoring Weber State Exams

Online exams:

  • Each test the student takes will have a unique password. Once the student has made a test request (this should be done by the student in advance) you will be able to access the exam password by going to your proctor password list located athttps://chitester.weber.edu. Click on Chi Tester Proctoring and log in using your user name and password (this is not the test password) which were previously e-mailed to you. You will then see a spread sheet with the information needed including special instructions, and availability dates. You will also see a red box which, once the password is used will automatically turn green. When the student has completed the exam, their score will show up and you will enter that in the green box and click on the submit button. (This will NOT apply to some chemistry exams). The student, at no time should have access to or be given the test passwords.
  • When the student arrives to take the exam (this should be scheduled in advance by the student) they MUST present picture ID before the test can be given. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The student will login to Chi Tester using their own user name and password. They will access the exam they are going to take which will then ask for the test password. This is where the PROCTOR enters the password that will get them into the exam. DoNOT give the student any passwords at anytime.
  • When the student has completed the exam you will need to go back to your proctor password list, enter the score into the green box and click on the submit button. This will automatically send the test results to the instructor.
  • Depending on the settings of Internet Explorer, it may log the student out right after they log in. If this happens, you can temporarily enable all cookies. You can do this by opening Internet Explorer, pressing Alt+T which will open the Tools menu, click on Internet Options. Go to the Privacy tab, and drag the vertical slider all the way down to the bottom. The student can then proceed to test. Repeat steps to put the slider back to where it was.

Paper/Pencil exams:

  • Paper/pencil exams are sent to your proctor password list as a pdf file that you will need to print for the student. The tests are to be requested by students 3-5 days in advance so you have them prior to their scheduled time. (It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with you in advance for a testing time).
  • When the student arrives to take the exam they MUST present picture ID before the test can be given. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Print the test (found in your proctor password list) for the student and place them in a secure where they can be monitored throughout the exam. They are not allowed to have anything unless otherwise specified and they are to leave all electronic devices with you (phones, calculators, iPods etc…) when they arrive and before giving them the exams.
  • When the student has completed the test, please fax it to the number provided with the exam. Please don’t destroy the exam until they have confirmed it has been received by our office. (DO NOT let the student keep the exam)!

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