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Release Notes

March 17, 2014 – The following items were released:

Minor Bugs and slow response times were addressed in the following items:

Delete multiple exams
Target colleges/departments in Audience tab
Typing in an essay question and hitting tab increments progress bar
Display counters of answered questions
Clarified wording and minor typographical errors in Proctor agreements and emails
Fix parser so it accepts “essay” immediately following “answer:”
Proctor agreement web page puts IE 9 in quirks mode, causes popup issue
CSS fixes for student proctor agreement
Proctor Information Page
Manual check-in bug
HTML headings in exam question cause problems
Checkin layout
Creating a new gradebook
Reset test information when switching tabs
Focus on search boxes
Consistency of column widths

The following features were added:

Revised proctor/student agreement
Add link to go back to eval home page
Focus popup windows
Don’t show in progress results in Manual Grading
Duplicate bonus option for questions
Display date next to proctors name in Proctoring tab
Remove background color from rescore email sent out
Change status drop down order
Create link to home page on Logo
Change gradebook column header cursor
Don’t focus new window after filling out new proctor form
When setting Do Not Use, also set Archive
Sort proctor by lastname, firstname when clicking search without entering text

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