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Frequently Asked Questions


1These questions only pertain to distance (proctored) students.

2This question only pertains to on campus students.


How do I reopen a student’s exam? (mention timed test etc)


Testing Center


After Hour Help

Below is a list of common questions you can troubleshoot without Chi Tester’s help. If it’s a unique case, or doesn’t fit one of the pre-answered questions please call Chi Tester Support and leave a message, or email us at chitester@weber.edu.

Testing center hours are subject to change. For a current list of WSU Testing Center hours or for more information go to: www.weber.edu/testingcenter

Davis                           Room 215                   (801) 395-3495

Morgan High School Testing Center           (801) 829-3136

Science                        Room 228                   (801) 626-7955

Social Science             Room 38                     (801) 626-6847

Student Services        Room 262                   (801) 626-6803

Union                          Room 323                   (801) 626-7945

West                            Room 114                   (801) 689-4007



  1. 1.      My proctor doesn’t have my test password.
  2. If your proctor can’t find the test password try to request that test again.
  1. Also, check to make sure the test’s name you are trying to access is EXACTLY the same as the test you requested from your proctor.
  1. If they still don’t see it please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477.


  1. 2.      My “Take this test” button isn’t clickable.
  2. Check to see if you requested that test first. To do this, click on the test and see if the “Request this test” button is highlighted. If it is then you must click that to request the test before you can take it.
  1. Alternatively, you can go into the “Distance Tests” tab, click on a proctor and click the “view requests” button on the right to see which tests you have requested. If you see the test there and you can’t take it then please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477.


  1. 3.      I received an error saying I lost network connection during my test.

First, do NOT close the browser. The error message will direct you to go back and continue your test. The answers are saved in your browser’s cookies and can be retrieved by Chi Tester if the internet doesn’t come back. Once you finish, review the test to see if your answers were saved. If they weren’t, then contact your instructor and explain the situation. They will either let you retake it or contact Chi Tester.

  1. 4.      I can’t take my test and I can’t get a hold of my instructor.

If your test is unavailable to you and you can’t contact your instructor then call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477. Depending on the situation we might be able to help, however in most cases we will need the instructor’s consent.

  1. 5.      My grade isn’t in Canvas.

If you took a test on Chi Tester and saw your score, but it’s not showing up in canvas, then that means your instructor hasn’t transferred the grades yet. Contact your instructor for more information.

  1. 6.      The testing center can’t find my test.

If the testing center can’t find your test by searching under your name, then have them search for your instructor’s name instead. If they still can’t find your test, then please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477.

  1. 7.      My username and password are not working.
  2. Make sure your username and password are the same as the ones for your Weber Portal.
  1. Hit the F5 button on your keyboard a few times to refresh the cache.
  1. Make sure the URL is chitester.weber.edu.
  1. Change your browser. Chi Tester runs best in Google Chrome and Firefox and make sure you have the latest version downloaded. Please contact Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477 if you are still unable to log in.

  1. 8.      Chi Tester won’t load.
  2. Open a new tab and see if other webpages are loading. If they aren’t loading, then check your internet connection. If they are loading, then change your browser. Chi Tester runs best in Google Chrome and Firefox and make sure you have the latest version downloaded.

  1. If Chi Tester still doesn’t load then the server may be down. Wait 10-15 minutes before trying again. Please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477 if the problem persists.

  1. 9.      I need to take an ACUPLACER test.

To take an ACUPLACER test call Terry Wright: (801) 626-6803. Acuplacer is separate from Chi Tester so we don’t control any aspects of it.


  1. 10.  How do I share my test?

Double click the test you want to share. Under “Exam parameters and settings” click the “Sharing” link. Search for the instructor(s) that you want to share this test with. Select their name and click the “Add Instructor(s)” button to associate them with your test. Then click “Done & Save Changes”.


  1. 11.  My student can’t review their test.

Double click the test you want the student to review. Under “Exam parameters and settings” click the “Review” link, then checkmark the first box to enable review. This page displays all the options for allowing your students to review the test. If you have questions please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477.

  1. 12.  How do I delete test results?

If you want to delete a student’s test result, then go under the “Manage Results” heading and click “Delete student results”. Select one of the three options and click “continue”. Now you can select the results you want to delete. Don’t worry this change isn’t permanent. You can undelete a result at any time. See below.


  1. 13.  I accidentally deleted a student’s test result.

No problem. Go to the “Manage Results” heading and click “Deleted Results”. You can search for a student or click “View All”. Checkmark the box next to each student you want to undelete and click “Undelete Checked Results”.

  1. 14.  How do I allow my test to be taken by distance (proctored) students?

Go under the “Exam parameters and settings” heading, and click the “Sites” link. Click the “Remote Proctors” option and then click “Add site(s)”. This will allow your students to take tests in the company of a Weber State approved proctor.

  1. 15.  I accidentally deleted a test.

Click on the “Manage Exams” tab to see a list of your current tests under the “My exams” tab. To the right of that tab is a tab named “Deleted exams”. Click that tab and you’ll see a list of deleted exams. Select the exam and click the “restore selected exam” button on the right side of the screen.


  1. 16.  How do I create categories and randomize them?

Go to the “Proofread and edit exam” link under the “Questions” heading. Select a question and look for the question settings box on the right side. There is a category field where you can enter a customized category.

To randomize your categories, exit the test and click on “Questions” under the “Exam parameters and settings” heading. There’s an option to randomize questions and you can pick the number of questions you want from each category.


  1. 17.  How do I adjust test parameters and settings for one student?

If your exam is available to an entire class but you want to make an exception for one student, then click on “Manage security exceptions” under the “Manage Results” heading. Click on “New Exception” and search for your student. You can give them an extended amount of time, multiple test attempts, a different date range, and different sites.

  1. 18.  My test isn’t loading properly.

If your test isn’t loading i.e. questions are missing, the pictures aren’t loading etc. then change your browser. Chi Tester operates best with Google Chrome and Firefox and you should make sure the latest version is downloaded. If that doesn’t work, please call Chi Tester Support at (801) 626-6477.

  1. 19.  What are the differences between the testing centers?

Most of the testing centers are the same except for the Marriot Health Center. They allow laptops to be used during tests and their backpack cubbies are in the testing room. If you want to give your students special instructions, then the Marriot Health Center would be the place to ask first.

  1. 20.  I have a special requirement for my students. I want them to bring ___ to the testing center to aid with their test.
  2. Double click on your exam. Under the “Exam parameters and settings” click the “Test Information” link. There is an “Instructions” option that you can expand by clicking the +. There are three boxes where you can enter special instructions.
  1. Another option is to call the testing center and ask if they will grant you your special requirement for your students.

  1. 21.  What is a learning outcome standard?

Learning outcome standards help you document a student’s progression in a subject through the entire semester. For example: You are a Math teacher and you have set learning outcomes for division and subtraction. After each test, you can see the number of correct and missed questions for each student and it’ll track their progression through each additional test. At the end of the semester you’ll have a sheet showing their improvements or their struggles in those areas.


  1. 22.  What’s the difference between learning outcomes and categories?

Learning Outcomes track your student’s progress in a subject throughout the semester. Categories will only track your student’s progress in one test. Learning Outcomes is handy if you are covering the same topics a good part of the semester, and categories are good to see if your student’s understood a certain topic that probably won’t be touched on again.


  1. 23.  How do I get my username and password?

Your information was emailed to you. If you don’t have the email please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477 so we can verify your email is correct and resend your information.


  1. 24.  My student can’t take their test.
  2. Have your student verify that they requested the test. If they haven’t then they need to do that first before taking the test.
  1. Make sure the test name is EXACTLY the same as the test that the student is trying to take.
  1. Switch browser to either Firefox or Google Chrome and try again.
  1. If there’s a note saying the test is unavailable, then the student must contact their instructor to resolve the issue.
  1. If there’s no note then call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477 and we will look into it.

  1. 25.  I don’t see my student’s test.

If your student requested the test but you don’t see it in your proctor page, then have them request the test again. Make sure they are requesting the correct test and that you know the exact name. Some tests are named similar to others and can be confusing. If you still don’t receive a password please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477.

  1. 26.  My student lost network connection during their test.

Do NOT close the browser. The error message’s instructions will request the student continue the test. Have them review it if possible to see if their answers were saved. If cookies are enabled, Chi Tester can retrieve the answers. If the answers are not saved then the student needs to call their instructor. The instructor will either allow them to retake the test or call Chi Tester for more information.

  1. 27.  How do I become a proctor?

A student must request you to be a proctor. If you received a “Proctor Approval/Agreement” email, then click the “proctor approval web page” link to sign up.

  1. 28.  I got an email from Weber about being a proctor. How do I opt out of this?

Opting out is easy. Scroll to the bottom of the email and there are two options: you can either “deny this request” to opt out of proctoring that particular student or you can “proactively deny any future requests” to not receive any more requests from Weber students.

  1. 29.  My username and password do not work.

If you are copying and pasting from the email, then try to manual type in the username and password. Sometimes a blank space will be highlighted will copying and that will mess up the login. Also, some characters look very similar like a lowercase “l” and the number “1”. If you are sure the characters are correct and it’s still not working then please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477.

Testing Center

  1. 30.  We can’t find the student’s test.

If searching under the student’s name yields no results, then try to search under the instructor’s name. Sometimes instructors will associate the test to just one student, so it won’t show up in the normal search. If you can’t find it, then please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477.


  1. 31.  Is the server down?

Please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477 to check if the server is down. If it is, wait 5-10 minutes for it to come back.

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